Not a simple NAS

NAS (network attached storage) is, as the word says, a disk or multiple disk space connected to the network; in practice, a disk on which data is made accessible on a network in order to share documents between users or to be able to backup PCs on a network.

Normally a NAS is presented to us as a server, saying that it can potentially do the same things.

But (in the same price range) the hardware specification is inferior, so the results are poor: for example, there may be notable slowdowns in file transfer,
impossibility to carry out transcoding FullHD or 4k, streaming with continuous uploads, impossibility of wireless audio-video streaming, impossibility of simultaneous operations (eg. watching a movie while downloading files and carrying out a computer backup automatically).



KinoServer, thanks to its superior hardware and software, allows multiple audio-video streams and transcoding. As if that's not enough, it allows you to manage a personal cloud, a file server in your network, download from the Internet and other operations. All at the same time and without any slowdown.


The File System is the mechanism of organizing and managing data on disk.
Thanks to its superior hardware and software, KinoSever, unlike other NAS, can support ZFS which is the state-of-the-art file system. ZFS is a 128-bit file system, whose limits are conceived to be so wide that they are never reached in any practical operation, and above all has a level of security unattainable by other file systems.



Transcoding is a very demanding software process (and therefore requires an inaccessible level of computing power for a NAS) that allows the server to pre-digest in real-time media audio or video while being sent to the destination, with the advantage that the destination reader does not need:

  • to have the ability to decode particular codecs
  • to have adequate band speeds or adequate computing power available.

In practice all the heavy work is done by the server and it is really possible, for example, to watch a movie in FullHD or in 4k from a smartphone* or tablet*, even if not of the latest generation, even outside the home, therefore not using the speed of the domestic network.

* may require a third-party App